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About Beyond the Horizon

Beyond the Horizon was founded in 2020 as a place for Kim Frandsen to publish passion projects that he couldn’t release elsewhere. Kim is me by the way, hi!


It wasn’t more than a few weeks after I founded Beyond the Horizon though that one of the authors I’d worked with in the past approached me to hear about the possibility of publishing with me.


It was never the plan for Beyond the Horizon to grow that quickly as I’d intended for it to be a one-person kind of thing where I published stuff that I care about, and which I hoped the gaming community would too, but which the bigger publishers thought was too much of a risk.

That brings us to today, and there’s now a number of books and projects up on at least three storefronts. Some have been successful, others less so, but we’ve learned from the experience and we hope to keep growing so that we can continue giving you interesting worlds and adventures to explore.


Our Vision

Through passion, expertise, and unending dedication to excellence, we will become a premier 3rd Party Publisher of games.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to creating epic roleplaying products for all types of gamers.

Our Values

Vision and Direction

Fun. We are here to entertain people. Not only must our products be fun, but we must have fun making them.

Inclusivity. Everyone is to be granted an equal opportunity. Only skill and talent shall weigh-in for those who work with us. Our worlds are filled with strange species, races, and genders. All shall have a place in our worlds.

Excellence. Every day we strive to do better than the day before. Perfection is an ambition, not an end goal.


Passion. We create and work on projects and products that we believe in and which matter to us.

Leadership. As leaders, role models, and gamers, we aim to provide clear communication and guidelines wherever possible.

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