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20 Annoying NPCs for your games.

Today, we're doing something simp

le, and simply presenting 20 annoying NPCs that you can grab for your games. Have fun irritating your players. :)

These are intended to be annoying and a general nuisance to the PCs, but not to provide a serious challenge. They’re simply there to add some flavor.

1 – Thorek Hornbrow (LN male dwarf Fighter / Expert) The local tax collector who asks to see the party’s tax receipts. If they have none, he taxes them 10% of all coins and valuables (Magic Items are exempt). If they resist, he’ll take them to the nearest magistrate.

2 – Meren (CG male halfling) is infatuated with a party member. He constantly harasses that person for adventuring tips. When they next come through, he’s read up on them and now it’s another party member’s turn. By the end, he’ll have ferreted out as much information on adventuring as he can from the party. And once he’s interrogated the last one, the heroes find that he’s now headed out on an adventure on his own. Of course, they’ll inevitably have to rescue him once more.

3 – A bunch of noisy children (NG humans) beg for treats or coins for candy. If PCs give in, the kids will beg every day after that too.

4 – Keletheril Silverthorn (NE male elf rogue) sneaks up on a PC to steal their valuables. (Stealth and Sleight of Hand + 8). If unsuccessful, he’ll stab the target and run for it.

5 – Margaret Torkasa (N female human) gossips with the first PC she meets, talking about Penny, her nemesis, who’s having a sordid affair.

6 – Finnbarr Morelan (LG male human), is the, mostly deaf, blacksmith. He’s very dour and gets annoyed when other people mumble.

7 – Jacey Hinckley (LN female human) is very old, and somehow, in front of a player in a queue. She takes her time, asking the clerk the price of each item.

8 – Meliotta and Darleen (CN female humans) question a PC about another PC. They want all the juicy details, especially if that person is single.

9 – Bolgor Thom (CN gnome male) carries a sign with “The End is Nigh.” He loudly proclaims that everyone in the party is doomed.

10 – Delmer Mirth (NG human male) approaches a PC, wanting to know where they’ve been since school. He won’t admit to being wrong and is totally convinced that they used to go to the same school.

11 – Jenny Mells (CG human female) is a young girl. Her dog is her life, and she wants to show the PCs all its tricks. And tell them all about it.

12 – Norri (N halfling male) serenades the party, badly, as they walk through town, drawing an annoyed crowd who eventually pelt both him and the heroes with rotten fruit.

13 – Barret and Rianna Dorfells (N male/female human) are arguing. PCs get dragged in, as each accuses the other of being stupid, and asks the PC to agree.

14 – Lorina (CG halfling female) stalks the party. She’s curious but shy. She runs away when approached and later comes back. This pattern keeps repeating itself, as she doesn’t actually want anything. She’s just curious about them.

15 – Auron Hammerhold (NE dwarf male) begs the PCs for coin for his children. He spends the money drinking.

16 – Percival Reimferd (LE human male) sells weapons at 25% discount. They break easily but look normal. Never offers refunds and has a sign with “All Sales Final.”

17 – Manatheel (N gnome male) is drunk and smells. Ask the PCs constantly if they’ve seen his Sphinx and wanders about, being a danger to himself (nearly tumbling in front of carts and the like).

18 – Immivan Doranth (NG human female) sells sweet rolls from a street cart, loudly proclaiming their virtues.

19 – Yvain (CN human female) approaches the PCs and invites them home for tea and biscuits, and won’t take no for an answer.

20 – Dominc ibn Yassr (NE human male) sells the PCs a horse at a 50% discount. It’s stolen, and polish has been used to change the color. It comes off in the first rain shower.

Hopefully, you’ve all had fun with them.

This article originally appeared on d20radio on the 1st of October 2021.
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