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Kickstarter Completion!

We're happy to announce that we completed our Kickstarter reward process and did so 10 days before our self-imposed deadline. Doing this, and doing so early, means the world to us as it proves that we're capable of doing so, and using the Kickstarter platform properly, and without the disappointment or delays that so many other projects have met.

Bringing Tomb of the Undying Empress to life has been a labor of love, and wouldn't have been possible without the support of the backers. Seeing the funding goal reached was great, and seeing it hit more than 10 times over was fantastic. It did however increase the expectations we had of our own end result too.

Completing the campaign ahead of schedule felt great to be honest, and it's given me the opportunity to have it out earlier for any fixes to be applied before it goes to print — obviously, we're hoping we've caught everything, but nobody's perfect, so this is always a good thing to have the chance to do.

We're hoping that those of you who came here for that project will follow along in the future, as we have more planned — both for our normal releases (which will continue) as well as for future Kickstarter projects.

We're grateful to you all, and we cannot wait to show you what will be next.

Thank you to everyone who believe in us, and supported us. It wouldn't be possible without you. :)

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