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Price Rise on Print Books

As you've no doubt noticed, everything seems to be getting more expensive these days, and our beloved books are no exception. Or more specifically the printed books are no exception. We've been informed that as of the 1st of July the print-on-demand books that we create will increase in price by up to 10%, rounded up to the nearest dollar. So a book that once cost 12 would increase to 13.2, rounded up to 14.

Like many of you, we here at Beyond the Horizon are feeling the crunch and the pressure of the rise in prices. Everyday goods are becoming harder to afford, and going up by what feels like ridiculous amounts at the moment, all as a result of factors beyond our own control. But not this one.

We have chosen to absorb the rise in prices on the print books and keep them at the level they are now. We realize that this may not necessarily be the soundest economic decision, but we don't feel that it is right to add to this already. Our books are not a necessity — they're not the food that feeds children nor the energy that keeps our houses warm. Nor do we want them to be.

We want them to be a safe haven for you, your family, and your friends, and taking this step to ensure that our books do not go up in price, means that hopefully, you'll still be able to enjoy our creations on paper, and not just in PDF or other electronic media.

We hope you'll keep considering our books, and we intend to continue to live up to the high standards that you (hopefully) expect from us.

In short, come July 1st, when the print-on-demand printing prices come into effect: Ours won't be.

Good luck to everyone out there, and hopefully this will all ease up soon.

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