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Remember our Free Adventures!

So we're coming up on the next free adventure: Woven Words!

Woven Words Cover for 5th Edition
Woven Words (5e Edition)

Woven Words is a somewhat experimental adventure for us in that it's a lot more open to GM interpretation than we typically go for. It also features different types of maps instead of just our normal hand-drawn ones. We wanted to give it a sense of unease and eeriness as the heroes explore... Well, I guess you'll have to wait and see what it is that they're exploring next month. And remember, the adventure is 100% FREE for the subscribers to our newsletter.

The adventure is for 4-6 players of 4th level and it is written by the talented Christopher Bunge. Indeed, it's his first adventure with us here, though we've worked together before, elsewhere. :)

That's really all we're going to say this week folks. Make sure you spread the word. :)

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