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Some exciting times ahead!

So, I'm going to let you in on a little secret.

We've been hard at work on several books here at Beyond the Horizon, both as a group of people, but also as individuals. We wanted to give you a little bit of an insight into what we're going to be putting out over the next few months, or which we have helped create.

The first and biggest release is actually 2 books. Both are produced together with Mistfactor Press (who are the main publisher of these books, though Kim is one of the main authors on it). Please welcome (for 5th Edition):

We wanted to bring ALL of the older domains and ALL of the older darklords into the newest edition of Dungeons and Dragons, so before the announcement of Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft, we set to work. We found all the canonical references (and a few non-canonical ones) and created these two monstrosities of books. Each is a book of nearly 400 pages, filled to the brim with the lore and stats for the domains, darklords, creatures, and magical items (and more) that could be found within all of the editions of Ravenloft, up to the release of Van Richten's Guide. This should appeal to all the gamers out there who want to keep their Ravenloft as a more cohesive unit of domains that have "normal" interactions with each other, instead of the modern take where all the domains are individuals separated by the Mists. We are INCREDIBLY proud of the result.

They'll become available on, and here are the covers for you to drool over. :)

The second one, and about to go into layout (so it'll probably be finished within 14 days and ready within 4-6 weeks for print) is enTRAPment, a book all about traps and hazards for 5th Edition.

It came about from a discussion about how annoying it is to adjust traps from the current simplification, where some of it is incredibly deadly to the low-level range of characters and trivial to those of higher level. So we've redesigned how traps are presented (though not how they work), so that they're easier to fit the level of the heroes (by using the Challenge Rating system that you know from monsters already), and then changing around the presentation so that they should be easier for you to read and implement on the fly. Basically not hiding the information as much. This is written by Beth and Kim and is purely a Beyond the Horizon production.

Kim (who is crazy) and is also working on a Starfinder adventure, that we hope will release in March. That is a bit more fluid due to some other works of his that are floating around in the background and which will take precedence. But we hope that it comes out in late March, and which will be released via starfinderinfinite as Kim has earned the right to call himself an Infinite Master. (If you know the dmsguild, it's similar to the Guild Adepts).

This addresses one of the things that many GMs have thought about for Starfinder: Where DO the 1st level characters get their starship from. And in this adventure, they're pulling off a heist and stealing a ship. Now, there are a LOT of variables in this adventure, and as of right now, it can play out in 27 different ways, potentially more though that remains to be seen. It's an effort to make the adventure replayable as the start adventure for the GM, even if it is not for the same group of heroes or players.

There's more coming too. Miguel has a couple of things that he and Kim are working together on, though these are still in the writing and editing stages. They're NOT from our normal catalog of existing systems, so it'll be something new and exciting. Unfortunately, we can't say more than that — keep an eye on this space. :)

We have more things coming as well, but at this point, most of that is in the very early stages OR we're keeping it secret for various reasons.

The last thing to announce is that Kim has joined the writing team for Everyday Heroes, who are creating a 5e-inspired version of an old classic called D20 Modern. This shows great promise and we hope that you'll join him and the Evil Genius team on their journey.

Looking forward to some exciting months. :)

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