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What the Future Holds

Welcome to 2023!

As I write this, we're looking at the tail end of 2022, but it's not quite here yet, so it feels appropriate to be talking about THE FUTURE! - Unfortunately no, it's not flying cars, much as I wish it was.

Instead, we're talking prices and release schedules! Yeah! MATH!


Everything everywhere seems to be going up. Food. Electricity. Fuel. And yes, games. How a starting price point for a game is not 70$ (or 70€ if you're really unlucky - how the hell is that math correct?! But, I guess for major computer games companies that's always how it's going to be).

And it's all due to inflation. But, in good news on that front, Beyond the Horizon is maintaining its current prices. We're sticking to that because simply put, we do not feel the need to add more fuel to that particular fire. once it all dies down and things normalize, THEN we can talk about it. But right now, we're nowhere near that point.

So yeah - hopefully you folks out there appreciate that.

Release Schedule:

So, next up is our plans.

First, all the quarterly free newsletter adventures are on hand, and while one needs editing and the other converting, we're getting there, and the next one should release on the 1st of March as originally anticipated. With the next one after that to be due out in June.

We're also working on something that we're now able to lift a little bit of the curtain on. Things are still in motion on it, but we're working on a larger adventure (at this point at least double the size of the newsletter ones, and VERY LIKELY more than that) which we're making for both Pathfinder 2 and 5e. We'll be putting this adventure up on Kickstarter to help fund it, as well as our other upcoming projects.

We're setting both the goal and the pledge-levels low on it. We'd like as many people as possible to come along for the journey, but the Kickstarter will not be put up until the adventure is completely done.

Oh, and the name? Tomb of the Undying Empress. :) - We're not quite ready to reveal the cover yet, as we're still debating which one to go with.

2023 is also the year that we hope to begin work on our Campaign Setting Fractured Worlds. That is not a guarantee, but what is planned is that all the newsletter adventures, and the Kickstarter adventure, will be tied into the campaign setting, so that even when you start a campaign in that world, you'll have existing adventures to turn to, instead of having to come up with all of it on the fly.

On a more personal level, I (Kim, the Editor here, Hi!) have things happening in the real world that could impact all of this, but I hope that it won't. If it doesn't then I hope to issue an Open Call for new authors and adventures sometime around March or April so that we can have more delicious newsletter adventures for you in 2023.

And with that, we're signing off for the year. Hope you all came through the holidays in one piece. :)

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