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Why the Newsletter is important!

Hi there folks,

So, first of all, our Kickstarter is well and truly funded (at the time of writing it's 482% above target, with 62 backers for it!), and we're very excited to be able to bring our adventure Tomb of the Undying Empress to you. :)

Cover for Tomb of the Undying Empress (5e)

However, we give out free adventures regularly here - every 3 months: March, June, September, and December. And you can still get your free Adventure for March, by signing up for our newsletter here:

And we do suggest that you do so - I mean, it's a free adventure and this time we're giving away Goblins of Rough Top Mountain for both 5e and PF2.

Cover for Goblins of Rough Top Mountain (PF2)

So what are our free adventures? Well, they're small adventures, designed to fit into 1-2 (or at most a few) game sessions. A sort of filler for your campaigns if you will. At the same time, they're also helping us establish our Campaign World. While the setting is still under construction, the places you've seen so far (like the headquarters for the Esoteric Order (introduced in Trials of the Esoteric Order) or the prison island (introduced in Of Reefs & Ruin)) will be a part of this setting, creating a living world - and so will both Goblins of Rough Top Mountain and Tomb of the Undying Empress.

It also gives us the chance to try out a few things without taking the risk of using a FULL adventure for it — Of Reefs & Ruin for example stands out as a bit of an oddity, and what's more important, it gives our authors (especially new ones) the chance to hone their craft and skills, in conjunction with our editor. It allows us to make better adventures in the long run, while giving you some extra adventures for free. :)

We like to think of it as a Win/Win situation. (And we only send it out every other Thursday or so, unless something exceptional is happening. No one likes spam!)

That said, we can also see that most of you who are signed up for the newsletter have yet to grab the newest adventure. It looks like only 15% of you grabbed it this time, and normally we're at AT LEAST 50% at this point. We'd like to see the rest of you pick it up as well. :)

Finally, we wanted to let you in on something that's going on behind the scenes. So far, we've seen about equal interest from 5e & PF2 audiences for the free adventures, but our paid ones are close to 80% PF2, and we're wondering if that is where we should put our full focus, instead of dedicating time to ensure that they work in both systems.

We're in two minds about this, because while it would save us time, it lessens our audience, and we're STRONG proponents of trying different systems. In fact, we're seriously looking into which system to add to our repertoire next. Dragonbane has emerged recently as a strong contender, as has Basic Roleplaying Game, especially now that they've announced a new edition of it, under a different license. Or maybe something like Savage Worlds or Powered by the Apocalypse would be better? The sky's the limit!

What do you think? What should we add next?

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