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Book of Races: Gnolls

Gnolls are feral humanoids raised from demonic and hyena stock. They're carrion eaters and live on the outskirts of civilization. They're the living embodiment of hunger, driven to a constant state of near-rage, always a second away from giving in to an unstoppable bloodthirst. They lurk in the shadows, and wait for their moment to strike and lay ruin to the world of man, all in the name of Yeenoghu, their demonic god. You are an exception to this, having lost or left your pack following a remarkable incident. You've grown stronger than your old packmates would ever believe, but you need a new pack. A strong pack. One that can get you what you want.

Inside this book, you'll find all the rules you need to play one of these creatures, including stats, abilities, and background information on how they fit into a wider campaign world. 

The book is a total of 5 pages long, with 3 pages of content (plus 1 cover page and 1 credit page).

And for this one, there is a little song. :) - Please hum to the tune of "Breaking the Law".

I am just a feral humanoid, hyena-like, and brown
Slaughtering and eating flesh of villagers in town
No goodness or compassion resides in my heart
Celebrating victory and then ripping you apart

Regular Gnoll, Regular Gnoll
Regular Gnoll, Regular Gnoll
Regular Gnoll, Regular Gnoll
Regular Gnoll, Regular Gnoll

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