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Book of Races: Great Ogres

Before the ogres, during the time of giants, there was another cousin to the giant and ogre family trees. Far more civilized than their modern-day counterparts, these Great Ogres carved out their own empire in the valleys that the giants refused to use. These Great Ogres partially survived the downfall of the great giant kingdoms, but many of their counterparts degenerated into barbarism, becoming the ogres that most people know today. The Great Ogres sequestered themselves in a magical tomb, where they were encased, only to be let out once their land was fertile once more.

Inside this book, you'll find all the rules you need to play one of these creatures, including stats, abilities, and background information on how they fit into a wider campaign world. 

The book is a total of 5 pages long, with 3 pages of content (plus 1 cover page and 1 credit page).

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