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You will notice that many of our books are sold from more than one shop. This is to make it easier for you to keep track of your libraries. However, we would like to reveal something further for you regarding these. Each of the storefronts you're presented with charge us a percentage of the sales price for the privilege of using their storefront and payment methods, but the percentage taken differs depending on the storefront

If therefore, you'd like for us to receive as much of your payment as possible, and to support the people involved in creating these, we ask that you purchase the book on (if available) as it generates the most income for us, and allows us to channel more payment to our creative team. If you want a further breakdown for it, we have a blog post about this, which you can find HERE.

Please also note that there are times when our prices vary slightly from platform to platform. This is because we do not have direct control of the products or prices on certain sites. We always TRY to sort this, but we unfortunately cannot guarantee it.

Codex of Champions book for Pathfinder 1 PF1

The Codex of Champions is for those characters that have a divine connection that they would like to explore a bit further, and is designed to give you new opportunities and new options for your characters who want to take their divine connection to another level.

Codex of Champions contains the following:

  • A new hybrid class (the Anointed - an inquisitor/paladin hybrid)

  • 6 archetypes for the Anointed

  • 1 new Monk archetype

  • 13 new Oracle archetypes

  • 3 new feats

Codex of Champions (PF1)

$ 4.00

Codex of Champions (PF1)

$ 6.95

Ancestral Anthologies Vol. 1: Races of Nature Unleashed book for Pathfinder 1 PF1

$ 4.00

Ancestral Anthologies Vol. 1: Races of Nature Unleashed (PF1)

Ancestral Anthologies Vol. 1: Races of Nature Unleashed (PF1)

Dorian looked up at the gigantic beast in front of him. So this was what the Norns had intended for him to rectify. He grinned confidently at his companions - he'd told them about his destiny months ago, and they'd all just scoffed at him. Drawing his blade from its scabbard he waded in. Time to show them a thing or two about how fate worked, and why he believed he was destined for greatness...

Each PDF is fully hyperlinked for easy navigation.

Ancestral Anthologies Vol. 1: Races of Nature Unleashed provides you with the rules for the following:


4 New Races, 21 new alternate race traits, 69 favored class options, 5 new traits, and 4 new archetypes.

Destined - When a lesser beings’ meddling upsets the strands of fate, the weavers of Fate must act to correct history’s progression by creating one of the Destined, a creature with the potential to set things right. To do this, they draw upon the raw components that comprise the multiverse, carefully crafting an infant Destined designed to be the model of robust health and charming demeanor. Once created, the Destined is inserted into the material plane where it can alter the course of history.

The Destined come with 10 alternate traits beyond their normal ones, 17 favored class options, 2 race-specific traits, and a new paladin archetype (Fate Swayer).

Duburu - Duburus are a muscular, barrelchested humanoid race that live at the northernmost pole where the frigid temperatures, scarce vegetation, inhospitable ice flows, and lack of resources make surviving everyday life a challenge. Unique to the Duburu is their dual consciousness. All Duburus begin life in the womb as a twin, each with a brain of its own. During the gestation period, the two merge to become one, creating a creature that thrives in solitude - though they often talk to themselves.

The Duburu bring with them 1 alternate trait beyond their normal ones, 16 favored class options, and a new druid archetype (Ancestral Conduit).

Naboda - Millennia ago, a Great Old One’s interest was drawn to the realm of dreams by a particularly creative humanoid thinker. Interested to see what chaos would unfold if the creature existing in the dreamer’s mind were to exist on the material plane, the Old One plucked it from the dreamscape and breathed life into it. Since that time, Nabodas have integrated themselves into the fabric of the world, living among humans.

The Naboda enter the fray with 4 new alternate traits beyond their normal ones, 18 favored class options, and a new investigator archetype (Rover).

Vek - Distant cousins of the cyclops, Veks live sequestered in the remotest parts of the jungles in a
communal lifestyle. Like their cousins, Veks possess one central eye and powers of the mind, but they lack the physical stature and strength of their cousins. Instead, Veks possess some physical characteristics similar to arachnids, such as a toughened epidermis. Veks hunt in small packs, taking advantage of poison and ambush tactics. Veks have an uncanny ability to predict another creature’s battle tactics and defensive maneuvers, and they rely on this insight to determine the best way to take down prey.

The Vek are introduced with 6 new alternate traits beyond their normal ones, 18 favored class options, and a new druid archetype that consists of 10 subtypes (Green Faith Follower).

Finally, also included are 3 new faith, social, and regional traits.

Ancestral Anthologies Vol. 3: Favored of the Gods book for Pathfinder 1 PF1

$ 4.00

Ancestral Anthologies Vol. 3: Favored of the Gods (PF1)

Ancestral Anthologies Vol. 3: Favored of the Gods (PF1)

Ssavara caught her friend’s scent just before Wakuru’s form reappeared beside her. “You were right,” Wakuru told Ssavara. “We can always count on your keen sense of smell to track down anything. There are six well-armed fighters guarding the chalice and I overheard them saying the highest bid so far is 2,000 gold. They’re not letting anyone in armed, so it’s a good thing we’ve got other options.” 

“When I give the signal, you hit them with your mind blast, “ Ssavara told Wakuru as she allowed her venomous saliva to drip onto a wicked-looking dagger. Seconds later her appearance changed from an anthropomorphic red-scaled ophidian to a red-haired human beauty in seconds. Ssavara tucked the envenomed dagger into her bodice, gave Wakuru a wink, and said, “Let’s get this chalice back to the monastery where it belongs!”

Each PDF comes fully hyperlinked.

Ancestral Anthologies Vol. 3: Favored of the Gods provides you with the rules for the following:

Rules for 6 new races, each with its own unique racial traits. On top of that, you’ll find another 25 alternate racial traits, 3 new Cleric Subdomains, 3 new Oracle mysteries, and 1 new Ranger archetype.

Duskari - Duskari hail from a gigantic underground cavern, and stand 7 feet tall, as strong as the stones that surround their homes. The gentle giants are capable of bringing the heat in combat, though most prefer a calmer approach.

Ekko - The blue-skinned Ekkos were once creatures without a physical form, but now they delight in the sensations available to them through their bodies. Able to tap into incredible mind-powers, they set out to experience everything that the world has to offer.

Runiqs - Infused with the magic of the gods, and marked upon their skin with strange runes, these powerful elemental-like do not set out to change the world. Instead they become on with nature and work to protect it as best as they can.

Sedevas - The angelic Sedevas were once part of the celestial host, but fell in love with a mortal charge, and requested a boon from their gods: To live among the mortals and be one with them, to be with the person they loved. Their boon was granted, but they lost their ability to fly, and they cannot leave behind their true nature and set out to help those around them.

Ssindar - The ophidian shapeshifters of the Ssindar live in places that are inhospitable to most. The deepest of deserts and beneath volcanic mountains. Here the humanoids can be their true forms, a serpentine natural anthropomorphic form while being able to use their human form for when they have to go elsewhere. Their powers vary greatly by the individual - some have burning breath, while others spit acid, but common to them all is the love of their tribe.

Tarri - Tarri are bipedal humanoids with the upper body of an elf with an antlered head and the legs of a reindeer. So rare that most think they’re satyrs, few have ever seen them. Tarri live both among elves and centaurs, and quickly learn to use their agility and speed to the fullest. They’re headstrong, but love their home and friends, and would do anything for them.

T’Veelu - The T’veelu are scorpion people, humanoids with stingers or multi-jointed legs. The T’veelu are hardy, preferring a nomadic lifestyle in the deserts where they make their homes, working together to bring down prey bigger than an individual could. Because of their grey or blue skin, they’re often mistaken for drow. A nasty surprise awaits those that irritate or threaten a T’veelu when making such a mistake.

The Cave That Time Forgot PF1 - Cover900.jpg

This adventure is for 4-6 heroes of 4th level, for a one-shot adventure for Pathfinder First Edition. (Though this may take 1-2 sessions to complete).

The entire community of Tacaam is abuzz with the news of a recently discovered sinkhole. A rumor that the fabled City of Gold exists below is spreading like wildfire from one villager to the next. The village archeologist and her research team descended into the hole three weeks ago. Not a single member has returned to report their findings. Indeed, the only creatures emerging from the hole since its discovery are a plethora of bats.

In this level 4 adventure, the heroes will encounter vermin of all sorts, carnivorous plants, dangerous dinosaurs, and unfriendly morlocks. Although this sinkhole isn’t the location of the fabled lost city, the heroes will gain fame and goodwill among the villagers if they rescue the surviving archeologists who are held captive by morlocks in the deepest part of the cavern complex.

And if the heroes are observant, they can find a clue within the morlock camp to the actual location of Zamona, the lost City of Gold… Which is an adventure for the future!

This product includes 2 PDFs: The adventure itself (13 pages) and an easy-reference bestiary (20 pages) . Furthermore it also contains 2 versions of the map, one with a map key, and one without, for you to use.

The Cave That Time Forgot (PF1)

$ 2.00

The Cave That Time Forgot (PF1)

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