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Ancestral Anthologies Vol. 3: Favored of the Gods

Ssavara caught her friend’s scent just before Wakuru’s form reappeared beside her. “You were right,” Wakuru told Ssavara. “We can always count on your keen sense of smell to track down anything. There are six well-armed fighters guarding the chalice and I overheard them saying the highest bid so far is 2,000 gold. They’re not letting anyone in armed, so it’s a good thing we’ve got other options.” 

“When I give the signal, you hit them with your mind blast, “ Ssavara told Wakuru as she allowed her venomous saliva to drip onto a wicked-looking dagger. Seconds later her appearance changed from an anthropomorphic red-scaled ophidian to a red-haired human beauty in seconds. Ssavara tucked the envenomed dagger into her bodice, gave Wakuru a wink, and said, “Let’s get this chalice back to the monastery where it belongs!”

Each PDF comes fully hyperlinked.

Ancestral Anthologies Vol. 3: Favored of the Gods provides you with the rules for the following:

Rules for 6 new races, each with its own unique racial traits. On top of that, you’ll find another 25 alternate racial traits, 3 new Cleric Subdomains, 3 new Oracle mysteries, and 1 new Ranger archetype.

Duskari - Duskari hail from a gigantic underground cavern, and stand 7 feet tall, as strong as the stones that surround their homes. The gentle giants are capable of bringing the heat in combat, though most prefer a calmer approach.

Ekko - The blue-skinned Ekkos were once creatures without a physical form, but now they delight in the sensations available to them through their bodies. Able to tap into incredible mind-powers, they set out to experience everything that the world has to offer.

Runiqs - Infused with the magic of the gods, and marked upon their skin with strange runes, these powerful elemental-like do not set out to change the world. Instead they become on with nature and work to protect it as best as they can.

Sedevas - The angelic Sedevas were once part of the celestial host, but fell in love with a mortal charge, and requested a boon from their gods: To live among the mortals and be one with them, to be with the person they loved. Their boon was granted, but they lost their ability to fly, and they cannot leave behind their true nature and set out to help those around them.

Ssindar - The ophidian shapeshifters of the Ssindar live in places that are inhospitable to most. The deepest of deserts and beneath volcanic mountains. Here the humanoids can be their true forms, a serpentine natural anthropomorphic form while being able to use their human form for when they have to go elsewhere. Their powers vary greatly by the individual - some have burning breath, while others spit acid, but common to them all is the love of their tribe.

Tarri - Tarri are bipedal humanoids with the upper body of an elf with an antlered head and the legs of a reindeer. So rare that most think they’re satyrs, few have ever seen them. Tarri live both among elves and centaurs, and quickly learn to use their agility and speed to the fullest. They’re headstrong, but love their home and friends, and would do anything for them.

T’Veelu - The T’veelu are scorpion people, humanoids with stingers or multi-jointed legs. The T’veelu are hardy, preferring a nomadic lifestyle in the deserts where they make their homes, working together to bring down prey bigger than an individual could. Because of their grey or blue skin, they’re often mistaken for drow. A nasty surprise awaits those that irritate or threaten a T’veelu when making such a mistake.

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