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Kim Frandsen Beyond the Horizon Owner

Hello everyone, and welcome to Beyond the Horizon — my little passion project. I'm a life long gamer, having picked up a game book at the age of 7 (thank you Fighting Fantasy) and I've never looked back since. While my career path took me away from the wondrous realms that we write and on to the high seas, I returned many years later to games. 
My favorite character of all time is a dwarven fighter from Dragonlance, the one who brought me into all of this, but I didn't get REALLY into it until my wife pushed me into taking part in RPG Superstar for Paizo in their final season, and while I only finished in Top 32, it still gave me the impetus to keep going. Since then, more than 100 different books and game materials have had my name in them, ranging from books to maps and to board games.


Gamer Status: Forever GM.

Current Project: [REDACTED]
Current Ambition: TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD.
Position filled: Author, map artist, layout artist and editor.

Country of Origin: Denmark

Editor's Note: This is the big boss man. Or me. MUWAAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I’ve been a fan since my high school days when I played a monk using the old ice charts for the original system. To this day, monks of some sort or other with a splash of divine connection or healing ability are still my favorite to play.

I enjoy storylines of all sorts, but dungeon delves get my blood pumping As the DM for my many groups, I was constantly being asked to create this archetype or that deity to meet a specific desire of one of my players. After about 30 years of doing that I thought it was time to share some of my creations with the public.

I reached out to Kim and he gave me a shot. I’m a classroom teacher with no technical writing training but a tremendous love for role playing. Kim took that enthusiasm and showed me the ropes. I write surrounded by the beauty of the Maine pine trees with my cat Ella inconveniently blocking my tiny iPad screen. I think of my gaming buddies who often provide inspiration for ideas and contribute real world physics knowledge and impromptu computer tutorials when I hit a tech challenge (Honestly, I was good with the invention of the wheel, indoor plumbing, and paper & pencil!). I’ve met some incredibly talented people in the third party publishing world and made some good friends. I’m so thankful to have this opportunity to contribute to a game I love so much. I look forward to every weekend when I get to don my alter ego and flurry of blows my way through the next adventure!

Gamer Status: GM and occasional Player.
Current Project:
Current Ambition: Get a laptop and learn how to use it.
Position filled: Author

Country of Origin: United States (Maine)

Editor's Note: This is all her fault! - Also, if she's not kept busy, she'll probably come up with another race!

Beth Jones Beyond the Horizon Author
Rodney Sloan Beyond the Horizon Editor

Greetings, Adventurer!


I'm a game designer, writer, and editor with a background in multimedia development and programming. Besides editing and writing work for Beyond Horizons, I've done work for Paizo, J-List, Publishing, Fat Goblin Games, Wayward Rogues Publishing, and a host of others. I run Rising Phoenix Games, where you can find a bunch of Kim's other excellent works.

Gamer Status: GM, Dwarven Cleric, Ork Warboss, Golgari Shaman, Mouse Guard... just hand me the dice already!
Current Project:
Probably something with skulls on the cover.
Current Ambition: Kickflip to rail a six-stair, change surname to Mullen.
Position filled: Kim's Muse (also editor and occasional author)

Country of Origin: South Africa

Editor's Note: This one has ideas above his station. Exterminatus Order has been issued.

More of Rodney's work can be found here: 

I have been playing RPGs for as long as I can remember, starting with Call of Cthulhu and quickly moving my way to 3.5 and then Pathfinder. I wasn't a writer at first, spending my time in Organized Play before I was finally asked by someone I met if I ever considered writing for the setting. They pointed me to Wayfinder and the rest was history. I quickly found myself working with Flaming Crab Games and then moving my way to Fat Goblin Games. Over the years since I have worked on projects for Publishing, TPK Games, Legendary Games, and of course, Beyond the Horizon.
I am always floundering from one project to the next, but I seem to be good at failing upwards, so that is one skill I have! If not for my luck I’m not sure I’d have much to be entirely honest. So hey, let’s keep this lucky streak going!

Gamer Status: GM for as long as I can remember. 
Current Project:
You think I PLAN this? 
Current Ambition: Get my Master’s degree followed by my PhD.
Position filled: Ultimate Lucky Author 

Country of Origin: United States (New York)

Editor's Note: Listen to him, he's got good ideas. Just don't let him try to do ALL his project at once.


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