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Adventures and More

Today, we're going to talk about adventures. Specifically, we're going to talk about FREE adventures that YOU will get for signing up for our newsletter. :)

Every three months, as per below, we'll be releasing a free adventure for both 5e and Pathfinder 2. (Same adventure, but two systems in case you were wondering). These are relatively short adventures, but we're hoping to expand them if the idea catches on to be full-size ones, and perhaps more often as well, and they'll all be playable in your own campaign worlds "as is".

The releases will happen in the following months:

  • September

  • December

  • March

  • June

On occasion, there might even be extra ones dropped in there, to fit the season, though these will be surprises. :)

(For those who are not signed up to the newsletter at the time where the adventures become available, the adventures will also go on sale normally)

They'll all be for 4-6 players and can generally be played in 1-2 sessions, though there are exceptions to that rule.

So far there are 2 adventures that are close to completion and ready to go.

Trials of the Esoteric Order (for September)

Of Reefs & Ruin (for December)

Furthermore, sometime next year, we are hoping to release our very own Campaign Setting called Fractured Worlds, possibly via Kickstarter due to the sheer size of it. These adventures will then become canon for our world. In effect, together, you and we will build a world full of imagination and potential. And quite a lot of weirdness. :) It's a bit too early for us to reveal anything JUST yet, but we do have a tentative cover that we'd like to share with you. Please do remember that it is very much still a "work in progress".

Hopefully, this little teaser will pique your interest for what is to come in the next several months, and please do share the news with your friends. :)

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