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$ 5.00

Curse of the Porcelain Throne

His bowels distended and hurting, the ancient wizard looks down upon his work. This will take a lot of cleaning up. But there are no more of the sacred scrolls to help finish the ritual. With a shaking hand and gasping for air, the wizard reaches into his arcane repository and casts a spell to call for aid.

Curse of the Porcelain Throne is a story of toilet humor and a play on people grabbing ridiculous items from the shelves of their local stores. It is presented here as a Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game adventure for a party of four to six adventurers of level 1.


It is not intended to be a serious adventure and could serve as an evening’s entertainment for you and your group, whether as a stand-alone adventure or as part of a larger campaign.

This is a stand-alone adventure for 4-6 player characters of level 1.

This book was released as an April Fools Joke! BE WARNED!

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