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Domains of Ravenloft: Souragne

Souragne is a domain dominated by a vast swamp, the Maison d'Sablet. It is an industrious country, producing large amounts of cotton, sugar, and rice. It is a divided domain, with the vast majority of inhabitants enslaved by a small minority of nobles. In the swamps live the true ruler of the domain, the Darklord known as the Lord of the Dead, Anton Misroi. A man whose jealousy knows no bounds, and who ruthlessly suppresses any challengers to his rule. This Ravenloft supplement builds on and expands upon the information given in older editions of Dungeons & Dragons releases for Ravenloft.


This volume contains:

  • Places of interest with Souragne.

  • New adventure hooks for you to use in your Ravenloft campaign.

  • New monsters and creatures. Notes on how to run a Ravenloft campaign focusing on Souragne or which dips into it.

  • New stats for the Darklord, Anton Misroi.

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