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Down the Rabbit Hole-PF2-Cover-900.png

$ 2.00

Down the Rabbit Hole

This adventure is for 4-6 heroes of 1st level, for a one-shot adventure for 5th Edition (5e). (Though this may take more than one session to complete).

What was this place? Everything seemed different. And was this a dream? The last thing Arthan remembered was falling asleep, and now he was in this strange place. And why was that rabbit with the watch staring at him like that?

The heroes find themselves dragged to Wonderland, where they will need to save Alice from a strange corruption that has taken over her body and mind. And now, she's passing judgment over the whole of Wonderland, like the queen did before her.

This product includes 2 PDFs: The adventure itself (30 pages) and an easy-reference bestiary (10 pages), which includes all the creatures that you can fight in the adventure.

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