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Night of the Walking Dead: Under a Bloody Moon adventure book or 5th Edition 5e

$ 4.95

Night of the Walking Dead: Under a Bloody Moon

As a storm gathers overhead, a slim figure runs her hand against the bony outlines of her skull-throne. Helena Tarascon imagines herself reunited with her uncle, Marcel Tarascon, the man who brought Marais d’Tarascon to its knees and nearly attained immortality. If not for a band of adventurers, he would have accomplished it too. But now, his resurrection is at hand, and she will finish what he started.

But as the storm of the century rages, the mist rises in the swamp, and a new band of adventurers is about to arrive. In Ravenloft, evil always wins. But despite what Helena thinks, she is not all-powerful, and the lord of the land intends to test her further before granting her the power she wants.


This is a stand-alone adventure for 4-6 player characters of level 1-3. It is set more than 20 years after and follows on from the events in the classic adventure Night of the Walking Dead

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