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Trials of the Esoteric Order-PF2Cover900-2.jpg

$ 2.00

Trials of the Esoteric Order

This adventure is for 4-6 heroes of 4th level, for a one-shot adventure for Pathfinder 2nd Edition.

(Though this may take 1-2 sessions to complete).

The Esoteric Order is well-known in certain circles for offering work that pays incredibly well. However, to get in their good books and access these jobs, you have to show that you can step up to the plate and not get yourself killed.

To that end, the Esoteric Order has set up a house of trials, where would-be heroes and mercenaries are put through their paces, while the order watches (and entertains themselves). While dangerous, it is (usually) not deadly.

Now it is YOUR turn to prove yourself worthy. What will you find within this house of traps and treachery?

This product includes 2 PDFs: The adventure itself and an easy-reference bestiary.

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