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$ 2.00

Woven Words

This adventure is for 4-6 heroes of 4th level, for a one-shot adventure for 5th Edition (5e). (Though this may take 1-2 sessions to complete).

A century ago, a witch sought to unweave the Archwillow forest from this world. Before she could complete the ritual, she was ambushed by witch hunters and brought to the gallows for her crimes. When her neck snapped at the end of the noose, it should have been the end of it...But she had already breathed the first words and given life to the spell. The ritual itself wants to be completed and has become more and more desperate over the years. It has bathed the forest in a haunted darkness that draws in the magically gifted to form its unwilling coven. To stop the ritual and end the threat once and for all: the adventurers must abandon the daylight, take up the mysterious Gloomwrought Lantern, and dare to enter a land coming apart at the seams.

This product contains 2 PDFs (the main adventure and an easy-reference bestiary/appendix), as well as a flowchart for the events, and a map for one of the events.

Please note that this adventure is very much an experiment, and far less linear than what is normally presented in an adventure. As such we do not expect it to be for everyone.

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