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Other RPGs

You will notice that many of our books are sold from more than one shop. This is to make it easier for you to keep track of your libraries. However, we would like to reveal something further for you regarding these. Each of the storefronts you're presented with charge us a percentage of the sales price for the privilege of using their storefront and payment methods, but the percentage taken differs depending on the storefront

If therefore, you'd like for us to receive as much of your payment as possible, and to support the people involved in creating these, we ask that you purchase the book on (if available) as it generates the most income for us, and allows us to channel more payment to our creative team. If you want a further breakdown for it, we have a blog post about this, which you can find HERE.

Please also note that there are times when our prices vary slightly from platform to platform. This is because we do not have direct control of the products or prices on certain sites. We always TRY to sort this, but we unfortunately cannot guarantee it.

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