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Cover for the Starfinder Adventure Absalom Drift: Turbocharged

Every hero needs friends. And every group of friends needs a set of engines. How else will you race off to the edges of the galaxy, and save the day? Too bad you can’t afford them on your own.
But one of your old friends has picked up a lead on a starship that you just might be able to "acquire". What's the harm in hearing them out at least?

Absalom Drift: Turbocharged is a special starting adventure for Starfinder where the heroes obtain their first ship through a starship heist, potentially leading them into either the Dead Suns or Drift Crashers Adventure Path.

The adventure is multi-segmented to allow for multiple playthroughs depending on the choices of the Game Master and the heroes, without ever doing things quite the same way.

This is an adventure for 4-6 level 1 heroes.

The purchase contains 2 PDFs: The Adventure and a Dramatis Personae of all the creatures, people, and starships that the heroes encounter during the adventure so that it is easy for you to keep track of when playing the adventure.

Absalom Drift: Turbocharged

$ 4.00

Absalom Drift: Turbocharged

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