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“Cold… That’s the first thing that goes through your head. It’s cold…. And dark. The light is flickering. Why is there no one around, except these others? And why are you all in underwear? Through the air, a klaxon is blaring and a computerized voice calls out “Intruders detected. Intruders detected in the cargo area. Intruders detected in the cryo-bay. Security and Repair teams have been dispatched. Please remain calm and stay in your area, while this interruption is dealt with.” - Wait… Isn’t this the cryo area? And why is your vision flickering, and your head pounding?”

Into the Void is a special beginning adventure for Starfinder. The heroes will be building their characters as they progress through the adventure, and gain access to more of their abilities. You start with a blank character sheet (though that is not provided), and fill it out as you go along.

It also serves as a starting point for the Dead Suns Adventure Path, for creating characters for that adventure.

The heroes are the creations of the Purpose-Built organization, a less-than-legit, but large corporation that specializes in workers for specific environments and work detail. These workers aren't recruited, instead, they're created aboard mobile laboratories, such as the Lazarus.

The Lazarus, the ship that the heroes find themselves onboard, suffered a catastrophic problem before it arrived at its intended destination and crash-landed on a desolate planet in The Vast. Now they have to figure out who they are, repair their ship — with the help of the local settlers — and return to Absalom Station to find out more about themselves. However, once they arrive, they'll discover that the Purpose-Built organization isn't welcomed in the Pact Worlds.

This is an adventure for 4-6 characters, who will finish the adventure at 1st level, while effectively starting at 0.

Into the Void - A Starfinder Adventure

$ 4.00

Absalom Drift: Turbocharged

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