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Gaming as it's meant to be.


Here at Beyond the Horizon, we create books and products for 5e, Pathfinder, Starfinder, and all kinds of roleplaying games.

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About Beyond the  Horizon

Beyond the Horizon aims to give you gaming experiences that set themselves apart from those you've had before. Wondrous worlds, exciting adventures, and fantastic companies are all ingredients in how we hope to make a difference for you.
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Absalom Drift: Turbocharged (Starfinder)

Every hero needs friends. And every group of friends needs a set of engines. How else will you race off to the edges of the galaxy, and save the day? Too bad you can’t afford them on your own.
But one of your old friends has picked up a lead on a starship that you just might be able to "acquire". What's the harm in hearing them out at least?

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