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Gaming as it's meant to be.


Here at Beyond the Horizon, we create books and products for 5e, Pathfinder, Starfinder, and all kinds of roleplaying games.

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About Beyond the  Horizon

Beyond the Horizon aims to give you gaming experiences that set themselves apart from those you've had before. Wondrous worlds, exciting adventures, and fantastic companies are all ingredients in how we hope to make a difference for you.
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The Hidden Library
(5e & PF2)

This adventure is for 4-6 heroes of 3rd level, for a one-shot adventure for Pathfinder Second Edition and 5e. (Though this may take more than one session to complete).


What secrets lie within the halls of "The Hidden Library"?

Step into a world of intrigue and danger as 4-6 brave 3rd level heroes embark on a quest through the mysterious corridors of the Baobab of Wonders. But beware - these halls are filled with peril.

As the heroes find themselves thrust into the heart of the unknown, they'll encounter ancient tomes and desperate defenders. Has fate led them to this strange place for a greater purpose?

Join the adventure as you unravel the mysteries of "The Hidden Library". Will you emerge victorious, or will the secrets of the library consume you?


This product includes 2 PDFs: The adventure itself (14 pages) and an easy-reference bestiary (25 pages), which includes all the creatures that you can fight in the adventure.

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