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Beyond the Horizon aims to give you gaming experiences that set themselves apart from those you've had before. Wondrous worlds, exciting adventures, and fantastic companies are all ingredients in how we hope to make a difference for you.
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Archetype of the Ages: Dragons (5e)

"Come sit by the fire,
I'll tell a tale to inspire,
Of Dragons and Kings,
And the wonder of everything."

Devon looked out at his audience as he strummed his lute and warmed up his hands. Little did his audience know that the story he was about to tell them was real, and a retelling of how the events of centuries past REALLY went down, rather than the diluted stories that other bards engaged in. After all, his retelling was from one who'd been there. The dragon, Ringrodor. Admittedly, he was almost as terrifying as the other stories would have you believe, but he WAS a Brass Dragon after all, and not a gigantic Red Dragon like the stories told.


"Hear the story I tell,
And heed it well,
For it is true what I say,
The king DID the dragon lay."